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Save Time on 
Medication Compliance Screening


01. Smart Diagnostics

Save time through our proprietary AI which automatically detects, and flags irregularities in a patient’s compliance or response.

02. Compliance Monitoring

Comprehensively track your patient’s adherence to their medication through a remote monitoring application.

03. Symptomatic Response

Use our dashboard to observe symptomatic responses from your patient to their medication and illnesses, over a period of time.

04. Red Flag Alerts

Our software intelligently flags any medication duplications, drug interactions, or allergic reactions, and doze changes, to improve the quality of care.

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Our Strategic Partners

The Forge
Hamilton Chamber of Commerce
Synapse Life Science Consortium
The Clinic at McMaster
Innovation Factory
Mohawk College Ideaworks
League of Innovators

Understand Your Patients Better


Streamline the medication screening process through a state-of-the-art data collection platform. 

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