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Say goodbye to manual charting and documentation

Spend 25% less time on medical charting

MedX easyscribe makes charting easier by automatically capturing insights from patient-doctor conversations, allowing you to spend less time on paperwork and more in front of your patients

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Clinicians today are overburdened


Of physician time spent on patient documentation and charting

19.9 hrs

Spent per week on documentation and other administrative work


Of physicians reported signs of burnout and overwork at least once a week.

Skip manual note-taking and make your and your patients’ lives easier.

Here's how it works

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AI Medical Notes

Simplyifying the treatment workflow

MedX easyscribe makes note-taking easier by automatically transcribing doctor and patient conversations in real time.

Our AI then automatically creates SOAP notes with key takeaways. Allowing doctors to concentrate more on patient interaction and providing the best care.

Your Practice:

Keeping patients engaged, and streamlining appointments. 

AI Powered note taking done in real-time during appointments using SOAP format

Privacy Compliant

Customizable templates to fit the needs and preferences of your clinic

Easy upload into EMR/EHR

Error Minimization: By automating note-taking, our tool helps to minimize the risk of human error, increasing the accuracy of patient records.

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Use easyscribe to simply your clinic workflow

What this means for you

Reduce manual documentation time by



2.5 hrs

a week

on charting and 


Regenerate up to 
in lost revenue 

With MedX easyscribe, you can focus on delivering quality care and leave the note-taking to us. 
With less time spent on data entry, you can keep your patients engaged and informed, enhancing their trust and satisfaction.

Together, let's revolutionize healthcare and put the focus back on the patient, where it belongs.

Strategic Partners 

Hamilton Chamber of Commerce
The Forge
The Clinic at McMaster
Mohawk College Ideaworks
Synapse Life Science Consortium
League of Innovators
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MedX easyscribe:
Spend less time on paperwork

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